Weaverville Community Forest

"the Weaverville Community Forest, our region's finest model of
collaborating to bridge ideological chasms"

- Redding Record Searchlight, August 25, 2009

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weaverville community forest

The Weaverville Community Forest is the recipient of the
U.S. Secretary of the Interior's
2009 Partners in Conservation Award

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BLM Field Office    USFS Shasta Trinity National Forest

Since 2005, the Trinity County Resource Conservation District has been working with the Bureau of Land Management to implement the Weaverville Community Forest Stewardship Project on over 1000 acres of public lands adjacent to the town of Weaverville in northern California. They have taken a large tract of public land that once received little attention and transformed it into an actively managed area that is now revered by the local community and recognized as a model of stewardship.

Weaverville Community Forest
This multi-year Forest Stewardship Project has now expanded to contiguous
United States Forest Service lands and now comprises approximately 13,000 acres of forested public (BLM and USFS) lands. This project meets both the Weaverville community, BLM and USFS management objectives for multiple use resource management, reducing hazardous fuels near residences, improving overall forest health, and protecting viewsheds.

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