Local Services
for Weaverville and Trinity County

Trinity Public Utilities District
Our electric service provider with the some of the lowest electric rates in the State of California!
(530) 623 - 5536

Trinity Hospital
(Operated by Mountain Communities Healthcare District)
Our local hospital which is now operated by our new stand alone healthcare district.
(530) 623 - 5541
If you have an immediate local emergency please call 911.

Weaverville Community Services District
The Weaverville Community Services District (District or WCSD) is a publicly owned water agency operating under the direction of an elected board of directors. The District provides water to the communities of Weaverville, Douglas City, and Union Hill located in Trinity County west of the City of Redding, in northern California.
(530) 623 - 5051

Weaverville Fire Protection District
Dedicated to providing the hightest level of fire and safety services to Weaverville and the surrounding areas that are included in our mutual aid agreements. We strive to have a highly motivated and well trained professional level firedepartment.
(530) 623 - 6156
If you have an immediate local emergency please call 911.

Weaverville Chamber Of Commerce
Local organization of business owners in existence since the 1920's. Active in marketing and promoting Weaverville.
(530) 623 - 2907

Trinity County Chamber of Commerce
Countywide Chamber of Commerce.
(530) 623 - 6101

VFW Post 7705
Approximently 20% of Trinity County residents are Veterans. Recently the VFW Post 7705 sponsored a visit of the Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall to Weaverville. The Veterans website, www.vfwpost7705.org, contains the largest variety of information to Veterans in the North State.

Human Response Network
Recognizing the special vulnerability of children, the mission of the Human Response Network is to better the lives of all the people in Trinity County through advocacy, education, and programs that promote personal empowerment, peaceful coexistence, mutual respect, and access to needed services. The Human Response Network is a private nonprofit agency that serves all the residents of Trinity County.
(530) 623 - 2024

Golden Age Center
Weaverville's local senior citizen center.
(530) 623 - 2324